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Examining the ramifications of Covid-19 public policy

Our vision is to be a beacon of hope by discovering truth through evidence for the purpose of preserving civil liberties and personal autonomy.


We gather Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, legal court case filings, public database findings, and other materials.


Our team of curators reviews captured discovery, adding metadata so it can be easily searched, retrieved, and analyzed.


Our experts in medicine, law, and research add relevant cross-references and material facts to the documents and records.


We publish the curated, reviewed documentation and evidence in an accessible web-based search interface.

Helping craft public policy

It has become clear over the last several years that some public policy decisions were not helpful or effective. Our purpose in gathering verified documentation and new research on the downstream effects of these policies is to aid future policymakers in their decisions.

What kind of data are we collecting? For example, when legal cases are pursued, a tremendous amount of effort is put into gathering discovery. By collecting this discovery that would otherwise languish in a lawyer’s file cabinet, we give policymakers, researchers, academics, and the general public more information about what went well and what should have been handled differently.

Many individuals and organizations file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with their states or the federal government. When we collect this data, we make information available that might never leave a reporter's file cabinet. While a reporter can only publish bits and pieces, we can publish it all.

Our project captures discovery, FOIA requests, and other verified documents, and publishes it in a publicly accessible database to aid research. But we cannot do it alone! Help us curate the world's largest repository of COVID-related information to help us pursue the truth about what happened and guide us collectively to make better decisions in future.

What We Collect

FOIA Responses

We accept Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request materials from individuals or groups. FOIA requests can include emails, memos, policy documents and other items. If you have something to share with us, please complete this form.


If you are in litigation related to Covid-19 and you have documents based on discovery that you want us to include, please complete this form.

Medical Research

Medical and academic research are also part of our collection. We routinely scrape VAERS and other public databases to capture government statistics about Covid-19. If you are a subject-matter expert in any of these topics, please join us as a reviewer to make sure we are understanding the data correctly.

How We Help

Understanding The Facts

What decisions were made? When were they made? How were they made? Why were they made? What were the ramifications? What else might have been done?

Comprehensive Search Tool

Search our data to get behind the headlines about what decisions are being made.

Sharing From Trusted Sources

We only accept verified documents from trusted sources. No garbage in. No garbage out.

Our mission is to create a repository of data from reliable sources about Covid-19 for researchers and the general public so that we as a society can understand the ramifications of public policy created to combat the pandemic. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of quality and impartiality.

Get involved

How can you help?

Submit discovery

Are you in the middle of Covid-19 litigation or have you just completed a case? We'd love to have your discovery.

Curate Records

Are you great at organizing, or do you have a passion for policy? Join our curation team to help make our data accessible to all interested parties.

Review with Expertise

If you are an expert in the fields of medicine, law, public policy, or biology, review incoming documents to add context so that interested parties can better understand the documents we are collecting.


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