What is your background?
I’m a native of Colorado, born as an only child to a single mother. I have always loved school and was the valedictorian of my high school, Mapleton, in 1983. I also had a child as a single mother at the age of 19 and worked and went to school. I obtained my B.A. in Physics in 1991 From the University of Colorado at Boulder, and my M.S.E.E. from University of Colorado at Boulder in 1996. I had twin babies when I was 35 and now have two grandchildren.

Introduction of who you are, professional/personal history, skills you have.
I worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) from 1991 to 2010 and then switched jobs to the Institute of Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) in 2010 and retired in 2021 to take care of my mother at home.

I have a total of 31 years in federal service in research sciences. I designed measurement fixtures and performed calibrations for the electromagnetic properties of materials (strip-line resonators, Fabry-Perot resonators, coaxial air-lines). I also made measurements of noise metrology. I worked in time-domain measurements including shielding effectiveness of aircraft and the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The shielding measurements were to understand how cellphones affect internal electromagnetic fields and the Space Shuttle work was done in response to the Columbia accident where they wanted to use high-power radar to check for foam damage at lift-off.

At ITS, I worked on measuring the radio spectrum from 100 MHz to 10 GHz, and then I worked on radio-frequency propagation measurements and modeling to understand how radio-frequency spectrum could provide greater capacity for 5G technologies and how signals propagate around man-made objects (i.e. buildings) and foliage.

Jones and Grosvenor were former names. My papers can be accessed here:



I have a lot of experience doing research on topics and understanding the scientific method. I performed a lot of data analysis during the start of the pandemic running numbers from both the Colorado Covid database and the John-Hopkins database. I still have all those graphs and analysis. Worked with some people in the state trying to keep people safe.

Was that your motivation for volunteering?
A lot of people were hurt and given misinformation during the pandemic, and I want those wrongs to be righted. I was ridiculed for not wearing a mask in grocery stores, and I stood up against our city council when I ran in 2021 for a seat. They still call me anti-vax and a Covid-denier. I used to take flu shots but kept getting sick. Once I stopped taking them, I never had a case of the flu again. I read the book, “The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza” and realized that the flu has always been seasonal. I also supported work by Ivor Cummins on summarizing the Covid pandemic.

Do you have a personal Covid Story?
As a federal government employee during that time, I protected my team against the mandated vaccines. We were threatened with being fired for not taking the vaccine and my immediate supervisor knew it was wrong but did nothing to help his people. I helped a couple of people write their religious exemption letters. It was unbelievable to me that a bunch of scientists could not do the same analysis and come up with the same result. But everyone wore masks, and everyone stayed home. How can you do research at home when you need instruments that are at work to do your research. It was very disruptive. I started taking care of my mom toward the end of 2020 and so I decided to retire to take care of my mom. I’ve never seen anything so insane.

What are you working on here at C19Files?
I am curating documents for inclusion into the library, hopefully for future knowledge and lawsuits to bring justice for the wrongs done against humanity.

Are you using skills you already had or learning new ones?
I had a lot of research skills and pulling information from research papers. Of course, I am always learning new things in the medical field and the legal field. I always hope to learn more.

What thoughts/hopes do you have for the future of the C19Files project? For our country? World?
I would hope the whole world someday understands the harm and evil that people willingly accepted into their lives. It is so important we have medical freedom and that we remember the Nuremburg code and how wrong it is to force someone to take something against their will. We are a broken country; I am running for city council again and am hoping that we can change the divisive rhetoric that is hurting our perception of reality and each other. We need the truth right now and that truth begins with us. I want to be a positive influence in my community.